Getting my MacBook repaired....

Hey guys. Maybe you saw my post about my cracked MacBook screen, hmm…?
Well, I’ve finally sent it in for repair! YAY :smiley:
Actually, I sent it in WEEKS ago. It’s not back yet. Why??? I need dat MacBuk!
I gotz all my workinz on der!
If it takes this long to repair a Macbook for everyone, I am never letting my dog in my room again. GRAAHHH!!! I am a geek. The person who dies without a computer.
Right now I am using my incredibly slow Toshiba running XP. Horrible graphics card, awful… Just awful… I’m not against windows, this comp is just old.
Bottom line…

I WANT MY MACBOOK BACK ALREADY!!! :ba: You gimme my comp back FOO!!