Getting objects to snap and align...

This is kind of a complex question and I’m not sure exactly how to phrase it but what do you do when you have a scene, (for example, the interior wall of a house) and you want to add a baseboard along the bottom of this wall, so you start out by creating a plane. You create this plane while in the view/user mode (because that’s the only way you can have a decent view of the interior wall) but the newly-created plane is just sort of “floating” there at an odd angle in outer space and now you have to somehow attach it to the bottom of the wall so you spend forever stretching, rotating, re-sizing, moving it around all over the place and trying in vain to get the angle right and getting it to attach itself to the wall, etc and it’s still crooked and does’nt fit nicely. Is there an easier way to do this?. Is there a “snap-object-to-object” feature that allows one object to fit neatly onto another object?. I know if you create something while in the view/top mode, it automatically aligns the object on the grid but how to get one object to snap to and align on another object has got me totally baffled. Thank’s in advance for any help on this!.

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It’s all in the planning. Far easier to add a Plane as the floor, then seperate § or duplicate (Shft-D) the edges along one side and extrude them up to form the wall (seperate objects) or just extrude (same object). For interior walls arrange the verts/edges in the Floor-plane like a Plan-view, select them in Edit mode and extrude them up. Doing it like this you can extrude up to the bottom of windows, reselect, extrude up the sides, extrude or build inwards to close the top, and extrude again to the top of the wall. Same for doors.

With a pencil handy you can use the Transform tab (N) to allign Objects in object mode (The floor to the bottom of the walls) and Verts/Edges in edit mode (side of floor to inside of wall).

Or, if you’re brave, you can use KlopUtils in the Wizzards menu of the Scripts window.