Getting objects to touch.

Hi I was looking around in the forum for this but was not able to find any answers so i will ask the question and hope for an answer :slight_smile:

Im having trouble to getting objects or vertices to touch each other or getting them as close as possible to eachother. For example getting the eyelids of a person to touch the surface of the eyeball so there is no glitch beetween them. I am really new to blender but so far i think it’s really fun to play around with it. But if any of you guys now any good method to accomplish this. Like some hot key command or something.

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To get faces to touch each other without going through each other has given programmers of cloth and softbody systems headaches for years…

but really, for an eyelid, it doesn’t have to touch the eye. yeah, the INSIDE of your eyelid touches your eye, but your eyelid isn’t 5 microns thick. you just have to model the outside.

if you really want the eyelid as close to the eye as passable, (not recommended), select your eye, hit shift-s, click cursor>selection. then go into your eyelid mesh and hit “.” select the eyelid verts, and hit Ctrl-shift-s and move the mouse. this will make them the same shape as the eyeball. (a ball). click when they are balled enough. after that, use s to scale the eyelidball to the same size as your eye.

Thanks for the reply i will try that out. I was also having one more question now that where at it. I have an object with x number of faces but some of the faces looks wierd i think its because of the normals. But when i use the ctrl+n command to make all the normals outside nothing happens to these specific faces they just stays the same.

The next things to do would be to hit ‘remove doubles’ (with a zero or very small relative to the density of your mesh tolerance), and if you’re using subsurf especially, check for interior surfaces, places where you you have faces inside the model such that they would block you if you were inside of it. Hide and perhaps Select Nonmanifold Edges can be useful there (does it get edges with more than two faces as well as less than two?)

Oh and seriously, don’t worry too much about small hovering overlaps, and consider your render domain. For example, Civ 4 has roads that look fine until you zoom all the way in and look at a rather steep slope at the right angle and you can see that they float, But it’s good enough for the game.

Okay thanks… :slight_smile: I may ask stupid questions since im new. The things im having trouble with is whats allowed and whats not when modelling to get everything “correct”. Like what stuff should be one mesh and what stuff should be paranted as a child and such stuff. Then it’s the thing about vertices placed behind some other face so that the face is actually crossing the other faces.

Is there any good tutorial to read to get any idea of how to do a model right? I have followed the blender noob to pro tutorial but i still cant get it all right. Im doing a model and always get stuck somewhere and i am unable to continue.

Right now i am trying to learn how to uv map textures but it’s mostly the actual modelling that gives me headaches. The materials and particles is starting to make good sense to me.

// Sorry for my bad english if there is something wrong with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay now i have another question >.<

if you watch that youtube video you can see how i sculpts it with a brush… My question is how does he do that? He just clicks and its being draw out.

Sorry again for annoying questions…

Here’s a good tutorial on sculpting.

As for what’s allowed with modeling, there’s no rule against having faces cross. In the case of eyelids, most people model the inside of an eyelid so that the face crosses the surface of the eyeball. As you’ve already discovered, trying to model the inside of an eyelid to conform to the shape of an eyeball is difficult, and something that nobody will ever see. I guess one rule of thumb is that for things that nobody sees, do them as simply as possible.

Okay thanks for all the replies! :slight_smile: I found the sculpting mode but i think i should read the tutorial anyway :wink: I guess there is more problems with an model that is made for animating then a model that is made for still pictures? As for me i guess i should make some still to begin with.