Getting overlay strip on top of blender renders

Hello friends i am new in blender and from past few days i am getting overlay like strip on the top of the output render

In View Port it looks all good

It could be your camera far clipping plan . Have a look in the camera parameters if the max seeing distance is the same as the beginning of your white strip on the floor.

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I had this same issue a while ago. Tried so many things. Then just went back to an earlier version of blender and it doesn’t happen. I think I used 2.93 to render and it was fine.

Are you sure that just isn’t the end of your ground Plane…I see what looks like an HDRI under the white background…so maybe you need either set the background to transparent or add in a Light Path Node, to something like this…

or, if this is the problem just adjust your camera…

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I tried without hdri and with hdri the results are same

When i do gpu rendering it make that weird strip on top, but when i use cup rendering it work fine and their is not strip on top

Yeah, I think I found the same thing, but I didn’t want to be waiting for CPU rendering so I just went to an earlier version of Blender.