Getting pictures synced in each view

I am starting out to create a car (RX-8) and putting 3 different pictures in top, right, and front views. I got all the scales synced up but I just realized that when I move an object from front to back (with respect to the car) on the top view the object moves from back to front on the side view. Since everything else is synced up I just want to change the ‘side’ view to ‘other side’. Is there any way to configure a button to show the other side? I could put a picture of the back of the car in that view, but I want a view which shows the front of the car because it seems easier to model that way.

Yes, pick a spot that lines up in one view and line it up in the other two views by adjusting the background picture offset and scale.

Ctrl + [numpad key] gives you the “other” view, eg Ctrl-Num7 for bottom view.

I also like to sue a cube that is scaled to the size of the car in side view and front view, that way you get some idea of what is proportional and what isnt,
then onece you get the images set up, you can delete the cube

Thanks CD38, thats just what I need!