getting plugins working?

(levon) #1

i have a .OBJ pyton script importer/exporter for blender 2.23 but after following the instuctions and pressing alt-p nothing happens, can some one tell me the proper way of using them


(Devas73) #2

Have you pressed alt-P while the cursor is on the python editor?
I assume you loaded the script in the integrated python editor…
What error messages do you see on the blender console?

(levon) #3

when i run the script in the console it says something about the variable ‘OS’ is undefind.

(levon) #4

ive found the problem, windows98. i can run the script on a xp box but not on win98.
has any one else had this problem, or know how to fix it?

(theeth) #5

did you define your PythonPath correctly in Blender?

There’s may ways to define your path, so I suggest you should make a search in this forum for all the things you should do to make it work.