Getting POVray to work with blender?

I installed the newest POV ray version, and blender 2.65. But when I hit render on pov ray in blender it just gives me a black screen? Thanks for any help I’ve been looking for ages!
EDIT: I miss remembered the version.

EDIT2: Same thing happens with Yafaray.

Hi, the povray exporter is only an exporter example and work only partly.
Yafaray should work without problems, download from graphicall and follow the video.
Tested with YafaRay 0.1.2 Beta 7 + Blender 2.65 a few minutes ago on vista 32.

Cheers, mib.

I downloaded the yafaray, then I put the zip onto my desktop clicked install addon the double clicked the zip and it didn’t work. Just a black render screen…

Hm, no problems here with default cube and yafaray default settings.
We need more info about your system, error message from System console (Toggle from Blender > windows menu).


I just fired up blender, and it worked…

About POV-Ray, just make sure you install the 3.7 version of the software, it’s the beta available from here. feature set is so much better than the official (3.6) version (added SSS, etc…) that it is now the only version supported by the exporter.