Getting proper depth of field blur in Eevee

Hello everyone !

So I’d just like to know what’s the best workflow to get nice DOF blur in eevee. Cause the basic effect has this problem where, although it looks good when using a focused foreground on a blurred background and with blurred object in front of each other, you can’t really get anything nice when you have a blurred object in front of a focused background.

As you can see, although it should be blurry, the sphere has a very clear silhouette (with a faint halo), and only the inside is blurred…
Using the defocus node gives similar problems. Is there anything I’m missing here ? I have access to after effects if it can help…

Thanks a lot, that has really been bugging me for a while now,


I feel like that is a limitation of screenspace DOF. in order to blur the foreground object ‘in’, you would need to know what is behind that object, which from an image buffer standpoint, that information isn’t available.

You could try rendering your foreground and background separately to get more accurate blurring in post.