Getting Quadro and Geforce in Same Machine

I currently have 2x 660 TIs that I use for blender/ cycles.

I just picked up a Nvidia Quadro k600

Will the Quadro best a 660 ti in viewport performance

Are there any benchmarks?

If I want to use the Quadro for viewport stuff (have monitor 1 plugged to it), and then the 660 TIs for Cycles Rendering, Could I set up blender to do so?

Any driver things I gotta do?

I also game, so is there a way to switch to GeForce as primary when I wanna play a game?

Thanks In Advance :slight_smile:

hi, do you mean a quadro k6000? if so yes that is definitely faster for the viewport than a 660.

as for th rendering setup, i have a quadro k4000 for viewport and a gtx 460 for rendering and that works really great.
as far as i know the settings in the user preferences won allow you to use 2 offset cards for rendering, only one or the other or both. maybe this can be changed in the code somewere but i did not do any research. however you could maybe run them in SLI but i dont know how or if that would work.

drivers: i installed the quadro driver for the main card and let windopws install the driver it found for the gtx card so this should work for you as well. a cooworker installed the latest gtx driver for the gtx so that works as well.
at home i also have a AMD 7950 as main card and a gtx 460 for rendering and that works as well without issues:D

as for the gaming: either you connect a gtx to the monitor as well and then maybe change the input signal on the monitor or change the profile of the quadro card to gaming, that somehow gives quite a large speed boost in games but cripples it in blender viewport like the gtx cards.

No I mean the k600, not the k6000. It is a lower end quadro but people are claiming to be able to fluidly pan around 30mil vert meshes with no problem, so I was gonna give it a try. But all in all, your answer covered my drivers question, so thanks a bunch!