Getting Render To show Textures

Hey, im new here and to blender just started with it maybe a few days ago, Ive gone through some basic tutorial( the noob to Pro from wiki, Almost finished) and a few others from

I started using this to create a basic mesh for a game, but now Im using it to do a project for school. I have to make a Metallic object and the reflections I see in it. I can Get the objetc (bowl) to look Metallic and get some reflections on it, but in render mode It wont show textures. This is what I get :

The 3 blue panels wont show the cloud texture, In the buttons panel, I pick a material, blue for a sky, then I select the cloud texture and it shows up In preview but not in the 3d view or render.

So my questions is How do I get a texture like .jpg picture to show up in render mode ?? and also Does anyone have any tips to make the bowl look more metallic have better reflectiosn?? any help and pointers would be greatly appreciated,

have you put the cloud texture on the blue plane, but it won’t show up on the render,
can you not put the cloud texture on to the blue plane?

I’m a n00b at Blender myself, but if you UV Mapped the textures make sure you select TexFace in the Material Buttons > Material’s tab, or the textures won’t show up when you render it. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I got another site you should try
Its a site with lots of links to tutorials and all you need to do is click on what you want to learn…
Look under texture mapping
then Texture tutorial
and whatever ur interested in…
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Ok I tried that stff out and I got the two textures on using Uv mapping and selected textface on material button, The material on the bowl showed up but the Cloud texture didn’t (it was blue with wite spots liquified on it using photoshop) the Cloud texture was a grey like color and had colored lines going through it. I havent had a chance to go through the tutorial yet but will soon, thanks for the linky :slight_smile:

Yogyog–> I cant get the cloud texture to show up on the blue pane in 3-D view mode

Heres the picture using UV Mapping

(the bowl is actually textured to look like metal, but it looks normal)

And my screen of blender: you can see a very small sliver of the actual texture/color on the middle pane/very far right edge of the pane (blue/white)

(I dont know if its a good picture I had to resize it)

Set cloudtexture to UV-mapping (instead of Orco)?

Hmmm This is my first posted picture

Like this?

Ok, I got it to look like(good enough ) I want it too, I think it was the Uv instead of the Orco like Claws said, Thanks for everyone shelp and heres the most likely final Image:

Looks pretty good for a starter. Better then my first few. :smiley: