Getting rid of black lines

Can anyone help out in getting rid of these pesky black lines on model’s texture map?

These lines have been plaguing me for a while but its only been recently that I decided to actually do something about them. I’ve tried following tutorials such as this for help but I haven’t had much success in any of my past attempts.

EDIT: The problem has been resolved so I removed the Blend File link.

Help? No, as the screenshot doesn’t contain the cause of the problem, giving a high probability that the reply actually helps. Also watching a 2:20min tutorial where it works won’t do that either.

My only guess and reply is that the texture map is painted without texture bleeding, meaning that currently the colored areas stop at UV island border, instead of allowing it to go way past it. Don’t know why one would paint the pink color on a texture map though.

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I tried painting over the lines with Texture Bleeding turned up to the maximum value and it had no effect.

As a result, I’ve added a link to the Blend file in my initial post for others to take a look at because I have no idea of what to do now :anguished:.

JA12 is right about the bleed effect. Just tried by cranking it up to 8 and painting the line out.

It’s hidden in option tab > project paint > bleed.

Or you can paint it directly in the texture tab by changing from view to paint.

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image this may help as well, although I took a look at the blend you posted and you may want to look into how you are layering the textures on top of each other, the material editor is kinda meh when it comes to being able to blur textures, and it is prone to have masking artifacts if you don’t layer your masks properly.

I just tried it again and increasing the bleed effect does seem to diminish the line at close range:

However, when viewed back at a farther distance though, the line is still visible.

Am I doing something wrong? :confused:

Use Smart interpolation if you are using mirrored textures and a subsurf modifer.

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I’m not sure if this will work for me since this model is ultimately intended for use in Unreal Engine.

UE4 gets a little pissy with mirrored textures, if you can, apply the mirror and that will solve the line down the center.

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Is there by any chance a better freeware program for texturing 3D objects? While Blender is useful for a number of things, I don’t find texturing to be one of the program’s strong suits. I already use Gimp 2.0 for tasks such as making the pupils of my model and cleaning up the edges of the sclera because I find the program better suited for creating textures in a clean, orderly manner than Blender which I personally find to be rather messy in that regard.

Okay, I finally managed to get rid of all the black lines. As JA12 & MadeWithFeet suggested, I had to paint further outside the lines of UV Map to get rid of the lines. However, instead of using Texture Bleeding which was giving me rather limited results, I decided to paint directly onto the texture map in the UV Editor.

Once I was finished, the UV Map ended up looking rather messy for my liking but the end result is that there is no longer any visible black lines on the model, so I guess I’ll just live with the messy UV Map if it works.

I mean its not like I have any other alternatives, I tried looking into other freeware programs for texturing 3D objects and I couldn’t find anything, so I guess I’ll have to stick with Blender for texturing with Gimp 2.0 to help out.

Anyways, unless anyone else has anything to contribute to this forum topic, I guess I’m done with particular subject & I’ll close out by saying thanks to everyone who contributed!

You can use a solidify filter in Gimp or Krita to remove the black line after your texture is nearly done.

It works with an alpha channel, so had to remove the black color from your texture but here’s the resulting image

Solidified texture

Solidify is part of Gmic image processing suite, might have to install it:

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