getting rid of console

I am using the game engine once a game is complied the console is not needed. does anyone know how to get rid of the console or is there a build that i can get?


bad forum section, but good question
I need the answer too

Just ignore the window. Where is the problem?


there’s an annoying extra window in the task bar? :confused:

You have two options (that I know of):

A) Recompile the blenderplayer with “/SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS /ENTRY:mainCRTStartup” in the linker.

B) You could use the BPPlayer.

there was a thread last month on this subject to get rid of the window for good

so look at this
but there is the problem how and where do you see print output for debugging purposes?

but it could be an option i guess

happy 2.5

I’d love to see it removed, period.

It’s not much of a problem for me now that I have windows 7, but I know there are a lot of XP users that have it taking up valuable space on their taskbar.

A nice solution would be to have a pop up error console that works similar to the user preferences…you call it when you need it. Or perhaps a screen overlay.

It’s not a problem at all and can help if you have problems when making a game but it makes a finished game look , how can i say it, amateur. It should be automatically deleted when a the game is compiled
I will search for other threads maybe even ask the developers