Getting Rid of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Hi Everybody!

I have two OEM copies of “Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2”… and I’m not sure what to do with them…

I bought a pair of Q6600 chips from NewEgg, and each came with a “free” copy of the game… but the machines I built with the Q6600’s can’t actually play the game, because they don’t have, oh, you know, video cards, cd-rom drives, keyboards, Windows, etc… they’re headless Linux compute engines, basically. Besides which, it doesn’t really seem like the sort of game I would like… too may weapons, and not nearly enough “cute”! :slight_smile:

Soooo… my questions are…

  1. Would anybody be interested in having this? Or is this the game that everyone already has six copies of because they give it away with everything? (Sorry, I’m not a gamer…)

  2. Assuming someone might want these, can anybody think of any way I could get rid of them that would actually benefit the Blender community? For instance, would the game engine people be interested in having these as prizes for a contest or something?

Oh, and no, I wouldn’t be interested in selling them on eBay or any nonsense like that; I just want to a) get rid of them, b) benefit the blender community a little bit, and c) not end up with dozens of “me, me, me!” messages in my PM mailbox! (so, um, please don’t PM me and ask just yet, ok? Let’s discuss it here first…)

Any Ideas?


I’ll take one.

ill take none… :wink: though hey, i like the idea of a GE comp. with these as prizes! :smiley:

like… some 1 or 2 month long comp.(if not even more… give em some time to actually make something more serious!) :smiley:

edit: as for a game thats “cute” (its winter themed though!) :wink:

Seriously though sarah I think you should send a copy to me because we’re buds right? Think of all those times I’ve given you support, and right when you were ready to quit, I inspired you to go on.

Why not eBay? Someone might offer a couple of cents that you could later donate to the Blender fund. Or just give them away and donate a couple of dollars to the fund.

I’ll gladly take one!:slight_smile:

Ok, so I have two people who say they are interested, and one person who likes the idea of a contest…

Do you think this constitutes enough interest to try to make some kind of contest? Should I try posting in the contest forum to see if there’s enough interest there? It doesn’t have to be a game engine contest; we could just have it be like a weekend challenge contest…

Oh, and regarding the eBay thing, the two basic problems with eBay are that (1) I’ve always hated eBay for some reason and (2) I just don’t have the time. I think the only viable options are contest or giveaway.

Oh, and if there isn’t enough interest for a contest, then the two people who are interested and the two copies I have seem to make a good match… :slight_smile:

what a nice person :slight_smile:

id take a copy :stuck_out_tongue: lol

hold a contest, and justt give them out to the top entries or something, u said u wona get rid of em

It sounds like a match made in heaven, Sarah, in heaven. :eyebrowlift:

But seriously if you do want to throw one my way, send me a PM and I’ll paypal you $15 for shipping and trouble.

Hello Again!

Well, my idea of a contest didn’t quite get the attention I was hoping for… bummer. :frowning:

Since valarking and Lord of the Rings Junkie were the first two people who asked: I hereby declare that you both win the non-contest! :smiley: PM me your postal addresses and I’ll get the software in the mail to you as soon as I can!


Yay! Check your inbox.:wink:

[Edit] Since the game wasn’t ‘cute’ enough for you, a video in way of compensation.:slight_smile:puppy

More like an adorable cat for compensation.

GRAW2 here I come


Your disks are now on their way… No charge! :slight_smile:

P.S. Thanks for the cutenesses…

Thanks Sarah! :yes:

I guess we still do have some awesome members around here.

Thanks, I just got it.:slight_smile:

daaaang lol
wish i saw this post soooooner…

Just got it in the mail.

Thanks sarah!

Sorry, I meant to follow up on this sooner! I’ve been busy…

You’re both very welcome; I hope you enjoy the game! Did you try it out, and was it any good?

Oh, and _LsBlend, sorry I only had two copies to get rid of! :slight_smile:

Hey sarah, it’s definitely fun. The single player is not so good because the AI is sooo bad but who the hell plays it for single player? It’s the multiplayer that makes it fun as can be.

Very strategic so it’s going to take some getting used to.