Getting rid of GRUB

Ok, I just got a nice new HD to put in my PC. Unfortunately (or fontunately, in my case), the HD I’m going to take out has linux installed on it. That means the bootloader GRUB too. How would I go about getting rid of GRUB and setting it up to boot strait to windows so that there are no problems when I remove the old one and put in the next?

re-install windows

actually, I belive installing service pack 2 does it too

though, I bet the microsoft solution is the fixboot or fixmbr command on the system restore console thingy you can get when booting from your windows cd

though, I’ve never been able to get it to work.

[oh, doing a repair to a windows installation does it too]

I installed SP2 earlier.

Alright, it’s done.
I booted from the installation cd and did the fixmbr and it worked like a charm. I’m free from the tyranny of GRUB! WOOT!

funny I’m trying to move from windows to linux using grubs and you are doing the opposite :slight_smile:

Heh, your upgrade obviusly went better than this did… (They were upgrading from Windows 2000 though…)



Yes, I knew I was taking a massive risk, but it had a fix for my router that I really needed.

I know this is late and you’ve already fixed the problem, but once you’re into Windows, you should also be able to do:

fdisk /mbr

from a command prompt, and it should do the same thing. It may not work with XP, though.

THis command will only delete the mbr (grub in this case) you’ll have to do

  • sys a: c: for Windows 98 on a bootable floppy
  • fixmbr from winxp cd.