Getting rid of light from the camera

Hi! I’m having some trouble with the lighting in a animation I’ve been working on. Using lamps and suns, I was able to create good lighting for my scene. When I go to render, however, the camera also emits light. This gives me terrible specular lighting when I render from certain angles. Is there any way I can change the settings so the camera doesn’t emit light?

:expressionless: Edit, Dec 14: I took another look at my scene. The trouble was being caused by a badly placed lamp that projected strong specular lighting at some angles. It didn’t make any sense that the camera would have some built-in light anyways. Thanks for helping me sort that out!

No camera will, nor can, emit any light by itself… These specular must have another source. Select every lamp you know of and then go see in the Outliner if there is any other lamp that is still unselected. That vagrant must be the culprit. Otherwise, show us the .blend se we can explain that strangeness.


Or your ‘Camera’ may be one of your Lamps. Select the Camera Object and do Ctrl-O to turn it into the real camera.