getting rid of list thingy

How do I get rid of all the actions I have allready made, some of them I don’t use…

Same for materials, textures, etc. Is there like a “clear list” option. or, delete this action forever option?


In the Action Editor select an action you don’t want any more. Deselect F (fake user) and unlink the action from anything that is using it. Nothing will happen until the next time you save your file, when your unlinked actions won’t be saved. Close Blender, open your file again and you will find it clear of your unwanted actions.

!Mucho gracias!

yes that way works, but it bothers me soooo much, i have to check every user to unlink it (this applies to all datablocks. like material, ipo and meshdata) isnt there a way to automatically unlink all users and delete the datablock in one step? maybe with some python.