Getting rid of that other window?

Hi, using Blender 2.56, I heard there was a way to get rid of the other window that pops up with Blender, but I forgot how they said to do it, little help?


If you go to user Settings you can get rid of it there, but all you have to do is click when it comes on and it is gone. Myself I think it is very usefull, it has links to a few things I like. That is if you are talking about the splash screen.

It’s the system console, I believe. Just search for Toggle System Console or find it in the top header under Help

You may want to keep it for things like knowing when a object is exported :wink:

where can you get rod of it ?

and is this something new in 2.56 ?

happy 2.5

If you want to disable or hide console output completely (you can still access it from the main window in 2.5 more conveniently), best way to do so is small utility Hidden Start. Sorry, I still cannot insert links, just type “ntwind hidden start” into Google, first result. Copy hstart.exe into your Blender folder and modify your Blender “desktop shortcut” with C:\Program Files\Blender\hstart.exe /NOCONSOLE “C:\Program Files\Blender\blender.exe”. (Just example, your path to the blender.exe may vary.)

Now start Blender or open Blender files via this shorcut. Console output window will be hidden before it shows on the screen. It is completely gone.

If you only want to hide output console windows to the tray, you can try more cumbersome way, PowerMenu (Google for “powermenu”). It adds new options into the titlebar right click menu.

ok thanks
is this the new way to hide it in 2.5

cause there was another thread discussing to get rid of this window or may be have it as an option in 2.5?

also is this good for built ?
cause i’ m still not using the installed 2.5 version and not for a few other months i guess
untill it’s very stable and i know enought to quit 2.49!


Yes, Blender is rapidly changing every day, output is already accessible from the main window (Am I right? I’m not using it), so there will be no need for additional window in version 2.6. It’s very unfortunate function, especially in Windows 7 and it’s Superbar grouping.

For now, Hidden Start works with all versions of Blender. Just download 40kB file and create one shortcut file. Very easy for set up and works fine.

yes but you still need a way to get the console outputs when debugging scripts
so not certain how this will be done !

happy 2.5

I am not sure if this is the same thing, because I’ve actually never used it. Maybe it’s console input and not output. :confused: Sorry if I’m wrong.

Anyway, you can open that console into new window by dragging corner while holding the SHIFT key.

Are you talking about a second window that comes up because you saved user preferences from a pop up window and that now pops up when you start blender? like was discussed in this thread

No, thread title should state something more accurate like DOS window, console window, console output etc.