getting rid of the console window? (newbie)

hi all…
blender version 2.45
i’m just starting out in blender, don’t know anything about 3d rendering, (aside from watching go on movies) and i’ve downloaded it (
and orderd 4 books from amazon 2 on python 2 on blender
Introducing Character Animation with Blender
The Essential Blender: Guide to 3D Creation with the Open Source Suite Blender
Learning Python
Programming Python
btw i’m a java programmer by nature. (as well as some dotnet) so OO not new to me.
first thing first, how do i get rid of that annoying console window says complied with python version 2.5 ??
in java when you start a swing (GUI) based application with java.exe [Main Class to start ] you get a console window, and then the application itself ,but you can also start it with javaw.exe which was intended for this pourpuse, is that such a thing (or a swtich command line?) i really hate superflous windows on my task bar
about the mouse i have a simpe microsoft mouse, and i’m left handed so is there a optimal mouse for blender (will prefer wired one becouse it’s lighter)
also started to read Noob to Pro/Beginning, is updated for current version?
also is there a reason why selection is make with right mouse button, as i said i’m left handed, so i’m tempeted to change it, don’t know if it will be ok.
i also tried using the the lamp and for the life of me i cannot seem to figure how it’s rotation (pressing r) works, i usually just select it and press r and thing goes wild, does it matter where to i press r? are there other key combos?

If your on windows, your stuck with the console. I know on OSX there is no console, and I’m guessing (but could be wrong) that the console doesnt show on linux either. I think at some point there was talk of figuring a way to hide it, but that conversation seems to have been swept under the rug.

Optimal mouse for blender is a 3 Button mouse that you are the most comfortable with. Generally, once you get past the beginners phase, you have one hand on the keyboard for shortcuts and one on the mouse for manipulation. You can deal with a one to two button mouse and emulation, but its better to have 3.

Not sure about the Noob to Pro Guide, its a wiki so it should be within the range of this version 2.42 ish and up probably (should be fine for the basic features in 2.45).

It should be fine to change the way select works, you’ll just have to remember while doing tutorials that you’ve changed it. The button to change it is under user preferences window (the window with file, edit, etc. in its header).

Your rotation problem probably deals with where you are rotating it around. There is a menu with a cursor symbol in it that selects what point you rotate around. Change that to whatever you need. Otherwise, its dependent on how fast you move your mouse, not blender unless its an issue with your graphics card (do you have ATI or nVidia (or something else?)) If its not that post back with your problem…

Welcome to BA and Blender

i meant what type of 3 button mouse, for example there is the micorsoft simple mouse, then there mouse comfort mouse 2000 which as scroll button which rolls 4 ways (left and right) is there a way to use that in blender?
i have nvidia 7600 i think i got the active object and 3d curosr options but what of the others (i’m trying to rotate a lamp, i don’t think the render has any difference)

To get rid of the console on windows, you could use HiddenStart .
However, if you use Python scripts in Blender, it can be useful to see the output :wink:


Hidden Start :

Hey, if you just want to change the blender.exe subsystem type, here’s a little python script for you. Save it as, and run it with python (not blender):

import sys, struct

if len( sys.argv ) != 2:
  print R"""usage:
  chss exefile

  Changes the subsystem type of the named exe file and reports the new
  status: console or gui.

  The file MUST be a PE32 or PE32+. No checking is made to verify that!


  f = open( sys.argv[ 1 ], "rb+" )

  # addr of PE header 60 )
  v = struct.unpack( "<I", 4 ) )[ 0 ]

  # addr of subsystem code
  v += 4 + 20 + 68

  # Get current code v )
  i = struct.unpack( "<H", 2 ) )[ 0 ]

  if i == 3:
    i = 2
    print "%s converted from CONSOLE to GUI subsystem" % sys.argv[ 1 ]
    i = 3
    print "%s converted from GUI to CONSOLE subsystem" % sys.argv[ 1 ] v )
  f.write( struct.pack( "<H", i ) )


This only works with PE32 and PE32+ images (Windows 32-bit and 64-bit exe files)!

Place it in the same directory as blender.exe and from the command prompt type: blender.exe