Getting Rid of Unnecessary Polys

I’ve decide to go back to one of my very old projects to see if I could easily improve the topology. I’m now wondering if there is a way to get rid of some unnecessary polygons.

These vertexes were needed here:

They are not needed here:

So I was wondering if they could be eliminated in a way that won’t ruin the rest of the geometry here:

You can use snap to vertex tool(which is located along the bottom of the 3d viewport window next to the button with a picture of a magnet, then hold ctrl while moving the vertices) to join vertices together, then use “remove doubles” in the specials menu (W) but that can leave you with triangles whereas quadrilaterals are the best for blender to handle.
Hope I’ve helped :slight_smile:

You can easily do this with by selecting an edgeloop, pressing ‘X’, then selecting ‘edgeloop’ to delete it and merge the faces on both sides together.

You can also use the dissolve tool to delete multiple loops at once (don’t forget to select the option to dissolve the verticies in the last operator panel afterward).

My issue is I need the loops at the beginning but later down the line they become unnecessary and even bothersome to deal with. I don’t want to get rid of the whole loop but I do want to get rid of the unwanted parts. I think that it can be done with diamonds.

you can still use the delete edgeloops as suggested by Ace Dragon, event if you only have part of the loop selected. you will probably need to do a little bit of clean up to get the diamonds afterwards.