getting rid of unused verts

Is there an automated method for getting rid of vertices in a mesh that upon completion of the mesh are not needed for redering the final? For example, lets say you are making a castle wall. You extrude a cube out 4 times to get a wall 5 blender units wide and then you extrude these 4 times up to get 5 blender units tall. Now, you select every other face on the top of the wall and extrude up one more time to give your wall that ‘castle look’. It all looks fine and dandy but you now have quite a few verts that are comletely unneccessary on the lower 4 rows. Of course, that was a very simple example and just planning ahead would have made it so they were never there. However, in a very complex mesh, sooner or later, you will end up with unneccessary verts. I would think those extra verts require more cpu cycles come render time and it would get worse if you are animating a scene. So, I guess the first question is do those extra verts cause extra render time and if so, can they be easily gotten rid of short of deleting the verts and adding back larger faces?


In theory the Decimate modifier is there for that but I’ve had little success with it. Cambo’s written an Auto- Edge script for Phython that seems to work better. Personally I prefer deleting unwanted vertices and recreating faces.

cool - thanks! I will see if I have any luck with the decimate modifier or cambo’s script. Thanks again!