Getting Rid Of Unwanted Action Channels

I have an action editor problem. I want to delete action channels that I don’t need. I can delete all the marker keys and constraint sub-channels ( I hope I’m getting my terminology straight ) but I can’t seem to ditch the main AC itself. I have, for example AC: Unwanted, AC: Unwanted.001 and so forth. I can unlink it with the X button but I can’t seem to get it out of the drop down list. Any suggestions?

so to get ride of it got to shift f4.delete object from data select and hit enter you should see something like

hit action you should see all the action here
and you should be able to select it press F and delete it

Thank you!

I’ve also wondered how to remove the fake user from Actions. Actually this may also help me clean up materials which shouldn’t be used.


Data select huh? It didn’t seem to work at first. I guess hitting F just clears out the fake user for that action. When I hit X, I got a dialog offering me to permanently delete the action. I accepted but it still didn’t disappear from the list. Then, I find out that to make the change stick, I have to reload my .blend scene. (???) That worked.

Thanks for the help.