Getting Rid Of UV Map In Blender 2.5

Hi Everybody,

I have been modeling with Blender 2.5.
I unwrapped a first model. So I got a UV map.
I recently made a few modifications on the mesh.
I would like to delete the UV map to start over and unwrap again.
I didn’t find the way to delete all the UV stuff I created : when selecting all the faces (“A”), the UV map is always displayed without unwrapping the mesh …

Any help ?

Many Thanks !

Just 'U’nwrap again. The old unwrapping will be replaced by the new one.

If you wanted to remove the UV map and not unwrap again, you could go to Properties->Object Data->UV Texture and hit the ‘Minus’ button to remove the UV layer.

Best wishes,

Thanks A Lot ! :yes: