Getting seams of separate parts to match is a nightmare!

I am making a car and decided to make separate pieces for each piece (hood, trunk, doors, etc.). I am making each piece by hand by creating a surface and then smoothing it and adding subsurf. The problem I am having is getting all the edges to match up. There are little holes where two parts meet and its especially messy where 3 or 4 parts meet. I can adjust this but it is tedious and never looks quite right. Is there a better way to make sub-surfed edges fit nicely together?


Well, I find the best way to work is with out sub surf,
cause sub surf deforms the mesh so you cant really tell whats going on,
if you turn off sub surf you will most likly see what I mean,
then you can get all your edges lined up and straight, flat and fush to every thing, then turn sub surf back on.

hope this helps

You could try edge weighting (ctrl E) on the ends of the pieces, or could try scaling two verticies at a time toward’s each other and weight the edges.