Getting "shadows only" to work

I’m checking and unchecking everything related to shadows that I can find, and no combination of them renders an object invisible except for shadows. How do I get a material to work as just a way to catch shadows?

GLSL is already set for shading.

Got some experience with this… are you using Sun or Spot light?

I am using a Spot.

I would check for the clipping start/end and distance (spotlight properties). Try also adding a Sun light at the center, this will help you check out your problem for troubleshooting.

See the attached blend file for example.

Hope this helps.


shadow_template.blend (627 KB)

My problem specifically is that the shadows-only material is not turning invisible. The shadows themselves appear finely. ^^;

No, I need to cast shadows ONTO an invisible material. All the same, neither Shadows Only nor Cast Only renders the material invisible.

Hi, I don’t know if invisible materials can receive Shadows, I have to check this. But Shadows Only surely works. But special settings are required. First, make sure you use clip alpha. Second, make sure your object has an UVMap. It doesn’t need a texture, so just unwrap.

EDIT: invisible materials receive Shadows according to their Transparency value. Only option is to set transparency value to 0.1 or more, to have some effect.


ShadowOnly00.blend (76.4 KB)

So it looks like I have to create a light box, eh? Anyone have one pre-made to spare?