getting "soft selection to work"

i know it isnt called soft selection but at the moment i couldnt remeber what it is icalled. my problem is that when i hit “O” to start it and i select a vertex to move, only that one will be effected. on the reference guide it says that you hit + and - but when i hit them nothing happens. any help?

it only works in edit mode, and…

use the mouse wheel, or the +/- keys to change the size of the region effected when you are in grab, rotate, or scale mode.

the circle indicating the region effected will show up at the 3d cursor if you rotate/scale around the 3d cursor is set. Otherwise, it shows up at the center of the region you are working on

It is called proportional editing but I like your name better :smiley:

  1. press O to enter or exit the mode. You must be in editing mode (tab key – you see the verts) for it to be active.
  2. watch the 3d window header a new icon appears in the header if it is on (choose between sharp and smooth falloff) there is no other immediate indication the mode is on.
  3. with the mode on start a command such as grab (g key).
  4. a circle will appear (num pad +/- make the circle larger or smaller also scrollwheel works) showing limit of influence.
  5. complete the grab/move command as you normally would and watch the results.


i found my problem. i wasnt in the process of grabbing but now that i hit g before i start to scroll it works a lot better