Getting Starship Art?

I am going to be making a 4x game (MOO, Stars!, Vga Planets, etc.), with a one play mode and play by email mode.

My design is nearly done, everything but the battle sim and interface is worked out.

My ideal art for this would be 15 sets of ships, 10 ships in each set from a fighter to a dreanought that looked like they were from the same manufacturer. My reality is that if I do all the art work I will have only 15 ships and have to scale them.

Other than the ship art, I would also need an openframe space dock, some planets, some stars and a few other odd items. Since everything will be prerender there really wouldn’t be any real restrictions on look or poly count.

My biggest problem with getting the art done, would be my computer (300Mhz amd, 128M ram, 8M ati vid), which slows both the interface and the rendering.

I am sure that eventually I could get all the coding and artwork done, but I am wondering what my chances would be of getting some people to do the series of ships?

What would be the chances if it were open source or at least a free game? And what would be the chances if I were to go shareware (to get a better computer)?

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