Getting Started in Animation

I have heard that it is best to specialize in one field. I have tried modelling and I always seem to mess up some how.I have tried rigging and they is extremely complex to me (or at least to make a decent rig) Animation seems to be the easiest and most fun to me.

I seem to have a problem though, I’m not exactly sure how to get started and what to study first. I have played around with some rigs but never made an animation with one. i struggle with walk cycles. I also get confused by the NLA editor. What do you guys suggest I get started on FIRST?

Can you draw? Start with that first. It will be an enormous help.

Beyond that, start simple. Do bouncing ball animations to get your timing, weight, and character behavior down. There are plenty of example exercises online.

I have done some drawing but they were portraits not animations. And ok so Start with a ball?

Should I start with the Dougie Rig?

Yes, but turn the tail off at first. Once you’re comfortable with making the ball bounce, roll etc. and can get that to look convincing, then turn the tail on and have a go at follow through.

You can turn the tail off?

How do you turn it off?

I just thought about this… if I’m turning the tail off, why not just use a sphere with lattice deformation