Getting Started (Need someone to explain this slowly)

As the title says, i need someone to explain the steps i should take after installing blender. when i opened it, there were so many options, it was just too overwhelming. my questions are: What should i start with?, Do i need to download some extra stuff? and thats about it.

I’m sure these are in other posts somewhere (I saw a few), but i need someone to pretty much spell it out for me. i have no idea whats being said in most of the posts via too many big words/computer lingo im not familar with yet. I just came from creating 2D computer games and want to take it to the next level. my goals are to make 3D animations and then later on in life make games and movies, but for now just models, enviroments and animation. i have no idea how to make 3D models or anything yet i plan to do it as a career (game development). so in order to keep myself from this on going typing; my question is “Where does someone who has no idea what he’s doing start?”

Thanks for not flamming :slight_smile:

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Start here:


For a complete beginner, I would recommend this site:

Download the 3 parts and read through them. They make up a Blender Basics Guide (.pdf format) that is designed for a class on Blender. That will help you with a lot of the terminology.


thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!


I like that one mostly because I’m using it and it runs inside of Blender so no switched windows(which causes my computer to slow WAY DOWN)

wow, this is by far this nicest forum ive ever been too…thank god i got up to watch screensavers…(they talked about blender3D today)

G’day Jinxxed0,

I had the exact same problem as you when I first opened up blender. If you work through the first few sections of the online manual you’ll get a decent idea of how it works and where some key functions are located. I’m still new to blender (and 3d in general so I know how confusing it can be)

I found it rather helpful after going through the manul to just play around with a some basic shapes and push buttons at random to see what happens .

  • (err, just to clarify, I didn’t mean closing your eyes and mashing the keyboard, I meant what phlip said below, explore the menus and try the options to see what they do. Note to self: low key tongue-in-cheek remarks don’t carry through well in text ) :expressionless:

Download a few blends from people nice enough to post them and that can also give you an idea. I also found it useful if I looked at the models as repeated applications of simple tools rather than a complex jumble of vertices and faces.

But that’s just me, your mileage may vary :smiley:

Hey! Im pretty new too, if you run into any problems with anything, post! These guys / girls (?) are great people! If I can give you one piece of advice its dont go randomly pushning buttons, it didnt help me any, although i did find out some crazy things… :slight_smile:
i cant do the basics just yet, so im missing out -> Tutorials -> Getting Started
Building a Castle
Texturing a Castle

These are the two tutes that really got me going in blender.

The “Building a Castle” tute has been updated for 2.3x, but unfortnatly “Texturing a Castle” hasn’t - but most of the buttons are the same, they’ve just been moved around a little.
More irritatingly the download links for “Texturing” don’t work, so you’ll have to use your model from “Building” and find images from elsewhere (google perhaps)

Incidentally, randomly pushing buttons isn’t as effective a learning technique for blender as it once was IMO. As almost everything is now also in the menus, randomly exporing them is much more useful (remember that there’s several menus - Spacebar, the main menu, and the menu in the header of each window - and sometimes they change eg in object mode or edit mode)


welcome to Blender. Please come back and tell us how effective the tuts were and if you’re more confident with blender, perhaps in 3 days or so?
I started with the castle tut and it helped me a lot.

btw, the integrated blend tut is great.