Getting Started Questions

Hi guys, ive been a long time lurker here and ive been reading up/playing with bge lately, i still have alot to learn but i think finally ready to start on my game idea.

Basically im attempting to make a multiplayer game similar to Leauge of Legends(or any other moba). Basic game play is the player controls an in game avatar that moves around the map completing objectives, players work together to destroy the enemy base. This game will feature an environment found in a zombie style setting. Some objectives will be killing zombies, picking up supplies from around the map, using special skills to call in additional support/supplies and upgrade their strong hold.

This is a rough idea of the game but im kinda confused on how to get it started. For instance i dont know any artists so i was thinking about just focusing on getting the game play mechanics down first(ie camera system, in game menus, huds, abilites, networking, etc). Is this the right way to approach it?

Some specific questions…
How do i go about having multiple maps for the game to be played on? - Create a map file then import it into the blender runtime?
Can i use just primitive solids to represent in game characters?(players, zombies, supply crates, walls) also if i use these primitives will it be a relatively simple task to import the models later, once i have access to a volunteer artist or pay an artist?

Thanks for you time.

I think you did the first basic step - you wrote down your idea.

Unfortunately this was the easiest part.

Now you need to write down what you want to achieve in an high level manner (game concept). You could even try to write a game manual. Then you see what you need to implement.

Later you detail the high level concept in to lower level concepts. Detail even more until you can transform that to bge logic.

To you questions:
What is a map file? When you answer this question you see what you need to do.

No, you do not need perfect models at this stage. And yes it would be better to have at least basic prototype objects e.g. a rigged character where you can add the logic, physics, animations and so on.

Try to find a way to organize the structure of your game (e.g. where is what data). Blender gives you a lot of freedom but no guide. This makes it hard to find a good workflow. A lot of bge users tend to place all in one file. This is not bad at the beginning when there is not much data. Distributing (much) data from one file to many files is a lot work. More worse, changing the structure (e.g. renaming files/folders) later is very hard and error prone.

Wow, thanks for the quick response. Hah. See i come from a programming background but game dev is a whole new beast. Usually you can pick apart a problem into smaller units and work on those but i dont think i understand “game development” well enough to even know where to start. LIke i dont have a scope of the whole problem well enough to find those low hanging fruit and begin with those. But hey ill do what you said, write the game manual, cool, that should give me a better idea of the task before me.

As far as the map goes, ok i think i kinda understand thinking about it now.

As far as the model goes are there any free model that you could recommend already rigged and animated that i could use as stand ins?

Hint: you can use blend files as map file. This others you the whole power of Blender as leveleditor for free.

You mentioned that are looking to create a multiplayer game, I can recommend watching and all the other videos on that Goran milovanovic has released. If you coming from a programming background, then his videos should be fairly straight forward to follow.

Good luck and enjoy the journey