Getting Started with Blender

Hi there! Im a|A.

I’ve been searching for a 3d program to call my own for a long time now. I remembered using Blender YEARS ago and I was reading a copy of 3D world that was talking about Elephants Dream ( That’s what it’s called isnt it ? ), and I thought I’d check up on it again! And my how it’s changed!

Im very pleased with what I can do so far, and Im itching to learn more. I’ve gone through and done the ‘noob to pro’ wiki ( minus the bits with the holes in them of course ), and by luck I stumbled upon a copy of the Blender 2.3 Guide at a bookstore here in Sunny Brisbane so I picked that up and Im currently working my way through that which is nice ( Just finished Lighting, About to get onto Animation ) -

But I was just wondering if there are any other resources or techniques or things I should be looking at as a nice starting point for getting my basic blenderistic skills up to scratch ?

( I apologise if this is in the wrong forum! I couldn’t find an ‘introduce yourself’ thread and this seemed like the most appropriate forum! )

So, Hello , Nice to meet you all - hopefully I’ll be hanging around here a fair bit!

Check out the News forum for releases announcements for BlenderArt mag (or maybe just search elysiun for them). They are PDF and as up-to-date as it gets.

There was also a new Community Journal though I haven’t seen it. Search for that too.

Also, the updated “Classroom tutorial book” (PDF) should be worth a read and may deal with differences you’ll discover as you work through the book.
…It’s about 25Mb but can be downloaded in separate parts if you wish.

Hello a|A. :smiley:

Welcome to the Blender World and to Elysiun.

Here are some links that your should keep an eye on.

Blender Wiki Tutorial List

Blender Nation - Fresh Blender News Every Day

Blender Release Logs

And ofcourse this forum.


And thankyou for the welcome!

I’ll check out those links you’ve posted.