Getting started


I would love to learn blending, so please help me.
What i need are some pointers on what to read, i have read a couple of tutorials on the interface and then i got stuck since i can’t find the right tutorials.
What i want to be able to do in blender is simple stuff like:

Basicly that is my current goal, doing simple logolike model renderings.

I know these kind of questions suck since im a newbie and can’t really contribute with anything, but it will be highly appreciated if you guys and girls give me a helping hand :slight_smile:


Do a search on Blender Summer of Documentation. There are a number of good tutorials, some intermediate, some beginner. One of the best beginner tutorials is Introduction to Character Animation. I realize you want to do mechanical stuff, but the ICA tutorial teaches basics that will work for any kind of modeling and animation (I assume you’ll want those gears moving at some point.)

Once you know your way around the Blender modeling interface, don’t limit yourself to Blender tutorials. Modeling is modeling in any 3D package, and, while you can’t get a keystroke by keystroke breakdown, many tutorials are not that detailed anyway, and can give you good ideas about workflow and how to put your model together.

Also, take a look at the Blender Artists’ community journals (accessible from the home page, not the forums) and the Blender Art Magazine. Welcome aboard.

Some good stuff.

And this one is down right now but keep checking Really good stuff!
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