Getting started

Hello everyone. I’m sure my question has been asked before, but let me ask it again.
Whenever I unwrap my character, and texture him i always have seems no matter what I do. My UV layout always looks something like this.
(note this is an old machine gun texture)

On the other hand other peoples looks like this

How do I get my textures to look like this, and what tips do you have to help make my textures seamless.


Looks like you have done an atlas unwrap, to get those other types of unwraps you have to mark your seams and then unwrap your UVs. Check and other sites for some tuts.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I have been watching some blender cookie tutorials and have been doing some learning thanks.

A little more information for you. On complex objects you should go into edit mode, select edges where you want the seams to be, then Ctrl-E and mark seams. When you’re done, select the whole object in edit mode and hit U to unwrap.

In most cases you want to hide seams from the viewer to create a good illusion. There is no hard set rule to unwrapping, but you want to create seams in a logical manner according to the topology. I have included an example of a difficult unwrap that worked out pretty well (the red lines are the seams I marked). I just followed the topology the best I could, and since this was for a baking operation, there weren’t too many headache seams to worry about.

I’m sure this is what you are looking to do.