Getting Strange Reflection on Chamfered Circular Curve

The image is showing the chamfered curve which is causing problems, the rest of the object material is working fine. Please help I’m new to Blender.

Thank you!

I don’t see any blend file attached to your post !
We don’t know what your mesh looks like or what modifiers you may be using, your render settings or even the renderer you are using.

You can attach or upload blend files to and come back with the download link

Sorry forgot to do that. This - - is the blender file. Only the object which is causing problem is added. The reflection don’t spread evenly.

Thank You!

Your mesh has got a gazillion vertices for such a very simple object.
Delete them and just use a simple circle in their place.

I have already tried that but it doesn’t work, reflections still stay sharp and doesn’t bend along the curve as it should.

The first rule to follow is ‘Remove the Crap’

Get rid of all those vertices and the extraneous vertices in your mesh, replace with a circle with just the number of vertices you need. Keep it simple
Then use smooth shading and an edge split modifier to get a smooth appearance.

New to Blender. Actually modeled in 123D Design. Can you please elaborate and upload the .blend file.

Thank You!

There are plenty of blender modelling tutorials on youtube or cgcookie. Watch them so at very least you know the basics of modelling. That’s all you need to model this simple object

Thanks, it worked out the reflection in not ‘jagged’. But when I use the shader I still get some dark faces. Checked the normals are fine.