Getting stuck with the view...

Hello Blenderheads,

  1. You guys rock.
  2. When I blend around for some time and switch between ortho and perspective mode a few times, I want to zoom in to my object but my “camera” (which is just my view, if you understand) often gets stuck at some point as if I would run into I giant metaball of glue.
    I found out that changing to ortho mode then helps to move that “sticky point” to another position, but that´s just playing and I´d like to know what is really happening and how to solve it like a man :smiley: (this is blender, right?)

Thanks in advance

I’ve run into this problem as well and it seems to me that the issue is the focal point of the camera has become so close than you can no longer “zoom” like usual. There’s a couple solutions:

  1. You can snap the 3d cursor to an object you wish to be nearer to and then hit the “C” button which centers teh view around the cursor

  2. You can zoom out and then turn the camera 90 degrees perpendicular to the direction you want to go and pan sideways in the direction you wish the camera to move in.

These are the two ways I solve the problem but there could be an easier way.

Desoto is essentialy right. You will always get stuck to the center of blenders world. By default it is the center of the grid which you can’t pass.

You can set any object center of the world with the Dot-key on the num pad - but then you will get stuck to its pivot point which then is the rotation center, too.

Maybe it would be best to add a few empties to the corners of your scenes for easy navigation…by selecting them and hopping from empty to empty, setting each as the center of the view, you’d have a pretty sweet and simple way of navigating your scenes quickly.