Getting textures to appear and using an image as a texture

I’m setting up my environment/room for my hobbie project. I can individually add colour to the planes (mesh) (that are my walls), yet with my metal balls, when I change one of their colours or mirror properties, it changes them both. I’ve tried to make to different ones or even duplicate them (as silly as that sounds, but I’m trying everything :slight_smile: ).

How would I add textures to anything? I think I’ve found that right spot to do it but it doesn’t seem to work. How would I also even use an image as a texture?

I’m using Blender 2.57.1

Ok, first of all, textures only appear when rendered on objects or when the preview mode is set to GLSL, otherwise known as clicking the view solid and setting the preview window to view shaded. :wink: And as for loading image textures just do a youtube search or Google search, better yet use the blender documentation on’s website.

Thankyou so much gat19g! The textures work as stated yet it looks very cheesy. I’m going to have to continue working and improving my skill. Know any tutorials? The one I currently have looks like the sky, it isn’t to bad for what I need.

What about my ball problem?

Tutorials for what? The smoke? If it’s the smoke I would go to and

As for the meta ball problem, meatballs group together based on their names. Give them different names (under the object tab) and assign them separate materials.

I forgot to say though, about the meatballs. When you rename them they wont react with each other.

That’s a problem that I have been having. I can’t make solid object act according to other objects physics. I want balls to roll down slopes; yet I can only do that if I make it a cloth. I’ve also tried soft-body but that doesn’t seem to do anything (not just this scenario), the object just bobs. Then if I have that problem how would I make it react with the physics of the scene I’m trying to create?

Thanks for the smoke, that’s another thing I’ve been looking for :slight_smile: . Though they’re videos so they’ll have to wait, but keep them coming.

Thanks for all teh help gat19g, your awesome!

I want balls to roll down slopes
Set the ball to be a rigid body (change from Blender Render to Blender Game at top of window then look in Physics settings) and use the game engine to record the physics. Do a search and I’m sure you can find lots of info about recording physics