Getting the coordinates of a collision

Hello, i am trying to make a breakout clone.
from what i can see, in order to get the ball to bounce off walls perfectly, i have to get the normal of the polygon the ball hits so i can get the angle of reflection correctly.
I see i can get the normal using a raycast, so my plan is to cast a ray to the object the ball hits. Is there anyway to get the coordinates of a collision between objects?

You could add a collision senor to the colliding object and use object.localPosition (or .worldPosition) to get the location of the colliding object when the sensor is triggered, but this would be based on objects centre and not the exact position of the colliding surfaces. Or if your using a raycast you could use Ray.hitPosition to get the world co-ordinates of the collision.

yea, i need the exact collision location =/
otherwise i could end up with a wrong normal