Getting the current frame from an action actuator without assigning it to a property?

I have an armature running actions, but the actuator is controlled from within the armature’s parent object. I would really prefer to keep the logic within the parent object as much as possible, and it’d be great to just ask the actuator directly for the frame it’s on: is this doable in any fashion?

I know I can just assign the value to a property within the armature and just go around and fetch it, but that strikes me as a very inelegant solution.

EDIT: I’m an idiot. I thought “frame” couldn’t be used to see which frame the actuator’s on, and could only assign value.

I use properties to control actions, but I do it so I can trigger Python, or physics etc. based on the sequencer.

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you can read the frame with:

frame = armatureObject.actuators[“actuatorName”].frame


frame = armatureObject.getActionFrame()

you can add also the layer that as default is 0 >>

frame = armatureObject.getActionFrame(5)