Getting the object to stop

This is my first time using the Blender Game Engine so I do not know how to get an object to stop once it collides with another object. Got any hints? I know a bit aout Python and almsot everything (minus the Blender Game Engine) about Blender. Thanks a lot.

you can use a ray sensor with a minimal length. When the ray hits a wall, stop the chara.
If you are using forces to move your chara weell… you better mve it with setDLoc or what the h·$% do what you want. I just think you can use Dloc combined with actions to make some controllable movement, but its just my opinion.
then you can setDLoc to 0 when the ray hits a wall.

or you can use a bounding box around the chara and make it react to collisions… there are many ways.
oh I almost forgot, if your using physics, your chara wont collide if you dont have ‘dynamic’ enabled.
download the examples from the sticky thread, they help.