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I’m looking for a new laptop and I wondered what was the most important thing to consider when running blender. Is RAM more important than processor? The laptop I’m looking at has 8 GB RAM and an Intel® Celeron® 1017U processor.

Any advice would be appreciated thanks.

Hi, I bought a laptop with Blender in mind two years ago. My criteria were

  1. a numeric keypad
  2. a big screen
  3. a fast CPU (I got an I7)
  4. NVIDIA graphics (for Cycles)
  5. lots of RAM (look for a high maximum capacity - so you can upgrade if you need to)
    GPU performance on my laptop (a GT 630M using cycles) is slower or the same speed as the CPU… so you’ll need CPU power for rendering unless you have a great gaming GPU which my guess would add over $500 to your price.
    If you are learning, I would definitely go for a faster CPU. The Core I7 is quad processor with Hyperthreading so you get effectively 8 cores… Blender makes good use of the extra cores for rendering. I found a good deal on a Lenovo laptop, which was cheaper than many i5 machines.

One thing I didn’t take into account is the mouse wheel (my laptop has a central button but nothing like a wheel) I miss the wheel for navigating in the 3D window when I’m stuck without a desk for my mouse.

If laptop is the only choice. Focus on getting the best possible CPU, the GPU wont matter THAT much since you will be using the CPU to render anyways. Decent laptop gpus are hard to come by at a reasonable price and the compatibility isn’t the best either.

Nvidia is only a must if you were going to use the gpu for rendering since Blender as of now only supports CUDA, which is Nvidia only technology.

The more ram the better as well, but high amounts is fairly standard on the ones with good cpus.

And oh, DO NOT, go for the Celeron cpu.

Take a look here

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Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated