Getting the right texture settings for see-through marble

I’m attempting to model a specific type of lamp:…0%5Bekm%5D.jpg

Yet I’m having trouble getting the texture of the shade right. I’m currently using a marble texture mapped to a diffuse (cycles) which is mixed with a glossy shader and a transparent shader. Now I’m not sure this is right so if anyone could advise me on the best settings within cycles to achieve the desired effect of the lamp shade when lit with a point light within I would really appreciate it!



It might be better to post an image showing the problem you’re having.

Here is a screen shot from a render I am currently doing to test the light. You can see from how transparent it is this isn’t the desired result.

Below is the node tree of what I am doing with it, I’m still learning my way around using cycles so please bear that in mind.


Personally i’d mix the diffuse and transparent first using the texture to control the fac - i’d then plug this mix into a second and apply the glossy to the other slot. I’d then add fresnel to this second mix shader.

You could use the translucent shader for added realism - but it will be slow/noisy.