Getting The Vertex Count Of A Mesh

Hi All,

Does anyone know how to find out the vertex count of a mesh?

I am using a mesh to distribute particles. I want a particle at every vertex.

My mesh is a letter from a font. So let’s say the mesh has 90 verticies. What I would like to do is use 3 different emitters on the same letter with a particle count of 30 each. But I want each emitter to appear on different vertex points. Is there any way to specify a vertext offset for the particle system? Presently I am faced with creating three different letter mesh versions with different verticies deleted to facilitate the concept, but it would be simpler if I could just tell the particle system to use every other vertex or every third vertex.


Atom here:

In the User Pref header.

Thank You RedJay, that helps.

BeBraw helped crank out a script too!