getting the wav spectrum data , how ??

Hi , an old friend of mine here in this forum told me that it is possible to make the BGE able to get the data of the wav and make it bones movments …

that was too old :confused: , i don’t remember but that is the file
.blend not .rar :smiley:
i think his name was benfriad or something like this :eyebrowlift2:
the file is for blender publisher (old version) , but when i run it (run the game no the file) here it crashes to desktop in the new versions …

so can someone read the script and refresh it so we have a working Dancingdude.blend :evilgrin:

thanks , but i remember it working and it was cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive tested it and It always crashed exept when I remove the script,
then I simply started a new blend file, made a simple script like this:

 import GameLogic
x = GameLogic.getSpectrum()
print x 

then it crashed again, I use blender v. 1.44
I think the getSpectrum function does not work anymore

There is this script . It is not realtime and creates an IPO from the ampitude of the wav so I don’t know if its what your looking for.

so anyother way ?