getting the Z rot only

Hi Everyone

Is there an easy(simple) way to get the Zrot of an object without any other properties and copying that to another object? The getOrientation matrices look a little scary with my limited python skills?

I Just want an alpha shadow plane to rotate along with the object casting the shadow and that is all (size and location I can Handle).

thanks in advance

Dr S

but blender already has that feature

and it isn’t possible to get only z rotation… or well it wouldn’t be useful for that and it wouldn’t be helpful for doing a shadow

shadow faces: in face select mode set shadow flag [like light or collision or … well those kind of things]

position them horizontal above the center of the object

and there was already a script to do this… way back when the feature didn’t exist [I didn’t use blender that long ago though…]

The built in shadow dosn’t seem to work too well for me in 2.37a

I get an ugly effect (looks like when 2 planes take up the same space and flicks between one or the other)so I was trying do do it myself for a better look


Dr S

you WILL get the same effect if you do the same thing

that is why I said to put it just above the object center, it will put the shadow just above the ground

[if you look closely other games that use the same technique… say gta:sa… also put the shadow above the ground]

It dosn’t seem to matter if i put the plane just above the objects centre, just below any where it still looks bad.

I wouldn’t have placed this post if the shadow function worked properly for me and i had found an answer on elysiun forums or the web in general.

So it might be an idea to be a little more understanding when it comes to replying to these posts. I know a lot of people don’t search first (I see too many posts about when publishing games and they don’t pack the textures first for example)
But I have been blending since 2000 and when I ask a question on the forum it means I have exhausted all other possiblilties inc 2.25 Game kit and 2.3 Guide and I(as everyone should) expect a less PATRONISING and more constructive answer.

Dr S

have you tried raising it higher? in gta the shadow covers about half of the character’s feet. [my experience in blender has been similar]

Yeah I am almost getting it.Bit funny still

I did find a post saying that there is a bug re shadows in 2.37

I will just go back to a parented plane for now and keep on experimenting

Thanks to all

Dr S