Getting things shiny?

I’m sure this has been asked many times but I’ve sucessfully modelled and textured a complex figure. Now I need to make items metallic-looking, hair shinier etc…Is there a good tutorial regarding this?



You have to use good materials and proper lighting.
More information on materials in here:
I think all materials there are 2.4x but you can still open them and have an idea of how they did it.

Thanks for the link. I’m fine for textures, I really need tutorials on how to produce reflective metallic effects etc…which buttons, etc…



There are a few things that you can use to make your material look like metal. I think good reflections is what makes your material look like metal.

-Specular hardness; if you set this to a high value (200-300) your specular will look sharper and a bit more metal-ish.
-Specular shader; alot of people set this to Blinn (default is on CookTorr) for metal objects, I suggest you try it out. You will also find this option under material settings.
-Mirror; turn this option on in your material settings, this will mirror surrounding objects onto your object. On default in blender 2.5 the value of reflectivity is 0 so it wont reflect anything yet. I don’t think you should set it all the way up to 1 because that would be too much, try something like .3 or .4.
-If you wanna make it extra shiny, turn up the specular value to your likings.

Here’s a tutorial on reflections:


Thankyou very much Renaz. I’ll give it a go.