Getting to grips with 2d before 3d

Hi, I am trying to understand Blender to be able to produce cad plans to scale before moving on to 3d, as I have many cad files, all on an External drive, and all without a OS location to file them in, can you help?
Next, following tutorials is difficult because menus being described in tutorials are being moved with each release. So, my question is, can “Set up” and/or preferences be confined to one place and one title?
Additionally, is it possible to have preset 2d and 3d selections perhaps plural?
Moving on to the appearance of the page can it be scaled up, Which I like, but which is not easy with my old eyes. So, what to do? I have seen some of Blender web pages having blue sections, which I found easier to scan around. Can this be set up? I have tried to install Blender on my Linux and there are a number of alternative setting up options.
Many thanks for taking the time to view this query.
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