Getting two Kator-Legaz models into same scene?

I’ve got a man and a woman from Kator Legaz’s site on my HDD. How to I get animatable (posable) versions of both into the same scene? When I “Append or Link”, I only see options to get rig or mesh, not “the character”.

Do I need to first open each file separately and group mesh & armature together?

You can append both objects just by selecting armature and Model at once with the right mouse button.
If you are just linking, you might want to read about proxy objects.


When I do that, I get “Error: Nothing indicated”

When Appending, choose Object and then select the armature and mesh by name.

hi, I would Append each Scene.
Then select the objects you want,
group them for easy selection.
move them to layer 2 for the first file, layer 3 for the second.
(so you don’t have different rigs on the same layer.)
Then Object Make Links, link to your main scene.
Then Object Make Local “All”
repeat this.
You can now delete the extra scenes.
The models will now be in layer 2 & 3 for you to play with.
I have found this method to be highly efficient as by appending scenes, you get all the data.

thanks much, all! Great advice!
:RocknRoll: :slight_smile: