getting vertices to follow shape of obj face

First, I use shrink wrap ALOT. Great tool in the bag. However, it’s a couple step process.

Select vertices
Create a vertices group and assign the highlighted vertices
go into object mode
Assign shrinkwrap modifier
Apply shrinkwrap modifier

Got it, chieck. Really great for conforming like an entire base head to a high res “target” head.
But for lesser regions, is there some other. simpler way to just select vertices and hit some tab or tool that commands the selected vertics to conform to the surface of an object? Such as: part of an eyelid to the underlying eyeball to round out and smooth the lid.
I suppose “snapping” might be the ticket, but whenever I’ve used it, the vertices acted erratic. Jumping around or surging along an axis.

Any tips?

retopo ( surface snapping ) tools. check out some tutorials, there are a few settings that you need so that you can see your mesh properly. otherwise it’s pretty straightforward.

Nice. I have retopo but I haven’t broke it out of the box yet

The shrinkwrap modifier works for large groups but for vet by vert modelling the snap options should be fine.

initially useful to set snap to ‘faces’, ‘closest’; uncheck the ‘snap to itself’ (just to the right of the snap to dropdown) and check the ‘project on the surface of other objects’ (next icon to the right). Probably uncheck the "automerge’ icon too at first.

Then all the way down in the N properties shading panel check the ‘hidden wire’ box to make theobject you are snapping to visible. this feature is not a 100% as one might want it but is still indispensable…

Thanks a ton

Sorry, problem. I tried the snapping. Checked the face selection. Then cued the “closest” Next unchecked automerge. Then I selected a strip of vertices in a head mesh’s eyelid, and “attempted” to move the strip closer to the eyeball. Annnddd … shaboom. Most vertices took off in random directions, like a box of cats dumped on a floor. Not straying too far, but pretty disobedient to where I “wanted” them to go.

hard to tell… sorry. Watch out for modifiers that can make geometry look like it is one place when the bas pre modifier geometry is in a slightly different place?

if you want to post the .blend it might be clearer

Thanks for the reply