Getting warning when opened blender 2.9 files with v2.8.3.5 LTS

Hello everyone!
I’m using Blender and also use blender 2.9 beta for not so serious projects to test latest features.
I saved a file with blender 2.9 beta and when I opened it with version, I got this error.


Yes, in general it is not safe to open a file saved with a newer version of blender in an older version. The reverse is ok though.

For example, imagine that the file saved in 2.90 uses a certain feature, but that feature doesn’t exist in 2.83. You can’t expect 2.83 to correctly handle that file.

Thank you @deadpin for the info.
It would be better if we could save to previous versions like in 3ds max while saving as 2019, 2018,2017 etc versions.
Because, I don’t think most of them will be sticking to the LTS except some studios.
I use daily builds like many of the artists here. So, if we can’t switch between the recent stable versions, it would be a problem. May be it’s just me having issue based on my work style.
Anyway, thanks again!

Its first time when there are more than one versions of Blender. Before there was no need of forward compatibility because you could always upgrade Blender for free.
And it would be tricky to make it work, because how are you going to replace eg. new node, new modifier or new options for those in older version?

LTS is meant for studios where everyone is working on same (sometimes custom) Blender version and they don’t change version in middle of production.

Hi @gorion103 you’re right.
I will keep that in mind.
This is not a big issue for me. Just that warning stuck in my mind.
Thanks for the info.
One more issue is striking me for a long time. Does 2.9.x get all the bug fixes from 2.8.3.x LTS?
I guess it will get. But, need to get confirmation. This may sound noob. But, I didn’t find anywhere.

Have a nice time both.

Whenever possible. If there is crash bug in system that is replaced in newest version then as you may guess, rather no.

In theory LTS gets all bugfixes and releases are more frequently than normal version, without new features that might by problematic.

Ok, thank you!

hmm, after having thought about
afaik its other way around: bugfixes for 2.9x are brought from 2.90 to 2.83 LTS

Any critical fix that is applied to the 2.9 series will be regularly ported over to Blender 2.83 LTS.

Thank you!
Now that 2.9 stable is released, I need not to worry about past versions. I will encourage others to use the latest stable versions.
Have a nice time!