getting water out of a boat

I’m not sure if this would be a modeling problem or maybe effects or something. But I thought I’d post a thread here to see if anyone knows a solution to my problem.
As you can see I have a boat sitting in water. but the water plane pases through the the boat. Does anyone know how to solve this problem or which section of the forum to post my problem. thanks.


yes, this problem was brought up and solved a few months ago, when a user was moving a boat through the water. search and ye shall find. several solutions were suggested.

Here is the thread PapaRoger is talking about. The idea is to map a boat-shaped image texture to the water and use it to make transparency or to actually displace the water.

Thanks Guys.
I’ve saved the thread and will try and fix my problem. I’ve just decided I’ve had enough of this project for the moment. And will get back to it at a later date. Thanks again.