getting xyz of object and putting that to text-object?

(basse) #1

I’m doing some animations on cubes. on one animation, the cube is drawn with path-curve. and I have one object going through the form, drawing the shape as it goes (with particles). this works already.

I thought, it would be neat, to have a python script, to get the coordinates of that object, and put the xyz values into “text” object, that is showing in front of the camera… kind of like “onscreen-display”.

can this be done, and how?


(calli) #2

Not that I know of. Maybe there is a dirty trick messing with internal structures but…

/me wonders why this was never asked before


(theeth) #3

you can’t access Text objet as far as I know, so you have to do it in mesh…

It could be done though.


(basse) #4

so you can’t change the text in “text”-object… how could you do it in mesh?